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Mugabe Reflects Bitter Experiences of Citizens

President Robert Mugabe has stressed the concept behind his party’s indigenization programme; a motivation for the ‘hatred’ suffered by black Zimbabweans during colonial rule – State Media Report


           Robert Mugabe

92 years old Mugabe said whites had treated black Zimbabweans “cruelly, callously” during the 1970s war for independence, killing thousands of them, according to a report carried by the Chronicle and the Herald newspapers.

“[They] ran away from here and have come back smiling, appearing to be very human, polite now,” the long-time leader was quoted as saying.

A deadline for white and foreign-owned companies to submit their plans to hand over 51% shares to black business expired last week.

The Sunday Mail said 1,000 out of 1,200 companies had complied. Critics and the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC) say the programme is driving away desperately-needed foreign investment.


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