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Producer Claims Missing Castro’s ‘Kakape’ Song was leaked

Castro’s producer, Seshie Dotse who produced the Ghanaian artiste’s latest song has indicated that the track got leaked. Nearly two years to his mysterious disappearance, Castro’s ‘Kakape’ hit the music scene on a Sunday with many speculating that the artiste was alive but hiding.

Going by KMJ’s conversation on Hitz FM’s Daybreak Hitz, Dotse said he released the original copy after realising that the one which was leaked by someone who chanced on it, was not fully mixed and mastered. His action, was to protect the brands of Castro and Obrafour who was featured on the song.

He claims one of the guys who used to come to his studio with Castro leaked the song when he chanced on it.

“The song actually leaked. There was someone we were working with who leaked it. At a point, it was necessary that we put certain measures in place to let the fans understand that what was actually out there wasn’t a reflection of what we worked on,” he said.

“I realised it had been leaked on 23rd December last year. I realised someone had tagged me on twitter… Later on, I started getting calls that the quality of the song wasn’t so good. I had to let people know that we don’t release substandard music. What leaked was an audio mixed down. I spoke to Castro’s family for the damage control. We are not promoting the song,” Dotse added.

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