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Scenes From Africa: Marina,Lagos (1962)

Walking into the reception of the National Secretariat, Marina I had locked eyes with this individual draped in linen shirt sewn in European manner probably of the 16th or 17th century and shoes reminding me of my maternal grandfather. I took my eyes off this individual as I had seen Koofrey and he started talking about how Olaedo and Abike had a little argument over Sir Afamefula, the former Nigerian ambassador to Japan. Koofrey noticed that I was not listening to him at this point and quickly tapped me saying “I maara na Nkem noo ebe a, I naghi eme ihe a, o bu onye?” (You know that if Nkem is here you do not do this, who is he?). I notice someone walk to my side, looking through the glass smiling. I try not to smile but I cannot help it. He chirps in “Hello, How do you do?” I drop my drink and shake saying Kokelu Mamelu. Taking a sip from his drink he says, Dr. Adeyemo is doing a good job with his homegrown juice factory. Some people say his daughter might not take up the wheels of the company if he retires or dies, she is rather focused on her ambassadorial ambition which her father would also take up”. He looks down and back up “Your shoe is from the Kingsway Store, am I right?” I say yes. He takes my hand and leads me to the courtyard asking for my contact details. I surrender immediately and we head back into the building. We look around, then the American ambassador to Nigeria steps in the courtyard dressed as a Yoruba man, a few people chuckling and a woman not too far from my side drags a photographer to take a picture of her and the ambassador/Lagos (1962)

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