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Spreading Africa’s Pop Culture Globally

POPAfrica is a digital media and technology company created to solve a problem and that is to get new and more African voices heard globally. We are here to cater to today’s generation with highly engaging content and buzz-worthy brands straight out of Africa. We want to be that best friend and trusted source for all news entertaining and informational. With our team of more than 10 experienced digital editors we will help news reporters, story tellers and content creators bypass the middleman and use this platform to bring up-to-the-minute content on all the topics and trending conversations Africans are passionate about.

POPAfrica is and open platform and will bring to the the richest mix of quality stories and opinions globally. As you publish your story on our platform, an experienced digital editor will work with you to edit and package it for maximum exposure and success and we actively partner with writers, creators and show them respect by giving them back ownership of the process.

And together, let’s attract the world and get them addicted to our take on African entertainment, politics, culture, food, shopping and stories.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Anyone can use our simple desktop tool to submit a story.
  • The story goes to our ProEditors. Your editor verifies the information and edits the story until it fully ready to be published free of copyright infringement.
  • Give us 1 – 30minutes (Max) and your story will published, you get an alert and share with your social network.
  • Track your story’s performance and learn about your audience and earn money each time you publish.
  • We’ll use our homepage, social media accounts, and email newsletters to elevate the best work produced on Slant, making sure the most important stories reach our readers.
  • Hold on tight. We’re going to do great things together.We are now! Share their stories!


Rotimi , Co-Founder, CEO and Publisher

Dotun, Co-Founder, Chief Product Officer

Rejjy, Co-Founder, Chief Growth Hacker

Ike , Co-Founder, Chairman

POPAfrica is a digital media and technology company created to solve a problem and that is to get new and more positive African voices heard globally.

While being cool, informative and entertaining :)

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